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ServiceNow - User Administration

ServiceNow  User Administration


Manage the individuals who can access ServiceNow by defining them as users in the system and assigning them to groups.

Use the session control options to terminate ServiceNow sessions.

Create roles that provide selective access to ServiceNow functionality, then assign the roles to groups when all associated users need to access that functionality, or to individual users.


User Creation

User Creation can be done in two different ways:

User Creation Form

Out Of Box- Users

User Features

  • Password Set / Reset
  • Locking out the user
  • Calendar Integration
  • Enable/Disable Notifications
  • Time zone
  • Picture
  • Department
  • Company

User Impersonation

User Delegation

User Sessions

Group Creation

Group Creation Form

Group Features

  • A set of users that share a commonality
  •  Groups can be Inherited from other groups
  •  Roles of parent group are inherited to the child group
  •  Roles assigned to the group are automatically assigned to the members of the group
  •  Group e-mail
  •  Group Manager

Role Creation

Role Deletion in Group

Role Features

  • Collection of Permissions
  •  Roles can also contain other Roles
  •  Roles are granted access to applications
  •  Users and Groups are assigned Roles
  •  Used to assign Security Controls
  •  Any access granted to one role will be granted to any role that contains it
  •  Users having at least one role are counted as Licensed users

Department Creation

Company Creation

Location Creation