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ServiceNow - ImportSet

ServiceNow Import Sets

  1.  Import Sets - Overview
  2.  Import Sets – Flow Diagram
  3.  Transform Maps
  4.  Import Sets – Data Flowchart
  5.  System Import Sets - Steps
Import Sets Overview
Import Sets is a powerful tool used to import data from various data sources, and then map that data into ServiceNow tables.
The Import Sets table acts as a staging area for records imported from a data source.

Import Sets Flow Diagram

Transform Maps
A Transform Map is a set of field maps that determine the relationships between fields in an Import Set and fields in an existing ServiceNow table (such as Incidents or Users)

Once defined, existing Transform Maps can be reused for mapping data from an import set to a ServiceNow table

Every import operation to a ServiceNow production table requires at least one transform map that will be associated with an Import Set.

System Import Sets- Steps

Load Data: Data source records are references imported data or location to retrieve data from.

Create Transform Map: is used to specify how data uploaded into an Import Set should be transferred onto production tables. 

Run Transform: Transform map scripts allow for customization of import operations using a robust programming interface that can be used to introduce advanced logic. 

                                          Create Transform Map

                                          Mapping Assist
                                          Run Transform