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Configuring Maximo 7.6 Web Services to use Soap version 12

Maximo 7.6 Web Services to use Soap version 12

1.  Login to Maximo application,  Navigate to System Configuration -->Platform Configuration-->
     System Properties and locate  property , make sure that Current and Global        values are set to soap12.

2. Navigate to IBM\SMP\maximo\applications\maximo\meaweb\webmodule\WEB-INF\webservices
    and modify the XML to match the sample:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<webservices xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
        <wsdl-service xmlns:pfx="http://webservices.iface.psdi/">pfx:jaxws</wsdl-service>
        <wsdl-port xmlns:pfx="http://webservices.iface.psdi/">pfx:JAXWSWebServiceProviderPort</wsdl-port>

3.  Rebuild and redeploy the EAR file.

4. Call WSDL, scroll to the bottom of the file and verify that it has SOAP12Binding.

You all set, you should be able to call  a Web Service using soap12 version.

NOTE: After the change ONLY   Soap12 version will be available for all webservices.