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ServiceNow - Service Request Management

ServiceNow - Service Request  Management

  • Overview
  • Generic Workflow
  • Types of Service Requests
  • Three Separate Records
  • Workflow Variation


Service  Request  Management  provides  an  intuitive  interface  with  pre-defined work flows for IT requests to be reliably submitted, routed, approved, monitored and delivered with minimum human interference.

Benefits of SRM Implementation
  • Provides a catalog of services to all IT users.
  • User-friendly interface for requesting and tracking requests.
  • Capability to pre-configure system driven approvals.
  • Automated routing of requests to the support teams and elimination  of wrong prioritization and categorization by support teams.
  • Reduction in cycle time for SR completion.

Generic Workflow

Types of Service Requests

Simple Service Request
  • Request that has a simple workflow.
  • Usually have one task to a single team associated.
  • May or may not require approval workflow.
Example: Request for increase in mailbox size.

Complex Service Requests
  • Have multiple independent  workflows,  one  of  which  will  get  triggered  based  on  the  input selections.
  • Can have multiple tasks, usually to different teams.
  • They usually have  built-in approvals.
Example: Sales  laptop  and  executive  laptop  may  have  different  approval  workflows  which  will depend on selections made.

Composite Service Request
  • Logical combination of multiple simple or complex SRs.
  • Usually works as a container, without independent approval and fulfilment work flow.
  • Completion dependent on completion of each individual child SR.
Example: New  Hire  request.  This will generate  requests  for  account  creation,  mailbox  creation, laptop assignation, visiting card printing, etc.

Three Separate Records

Service Request: Shopping Cart of one or more items ordered by  Requester.

Request  Item:  An  individual  deliverable  entity  in  your  Shopping  Cart.  A requester can request multiple items under one request

Request Task: Action(s) needed to fulfill the Requested Item.

Workflow Variations