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Service Now - Workflows

Service Now - Workflows

The Graphical Workflow engine automates multi-step processes. Each workflow has a sequence of activities, such as generating records or running scripts, and transitions between them based on conditions.

For each step in the workflow:
1) An activity is processed; the behavior determined by the activity occurs.
2) When the action completes, the workflow checks each of the activity's conditions.
3) For each matching condition, the workflow follows the transition to the next activity.

When the workflow runs out of activities, the workflow is complete.

What is Workflow?
Workflow is a virtual representation of tasks consisting of connected steps planned out in a sequential manner
A workflows primary use is to automate activities. 

For each step in the workflow an activity is processed. Upon completion of this action, the workflow checks each of the activities conditions. If the conditions are matching, it transition to the next activity until it is run out of activity

Graphical Workflow Editor
Is an interface for creating and modifying workflows by arranging and connecting activities to processes

Activities can be added, removed, or rearranged
Transitions can be drawn or changed, and the workflow powers the process as defined visually

Note: The graphical workflow engine automates multiple-step processes. Each workflow generates a sequence of activities, for example: generating records or running scripts and the transitions between them based on conditions. Notification activities allow workflows to notify users of events that occur during the workflow

Creating a Workflow
To create a new workflow, navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor and click New.

There are three major steps to creating a workflow:
  1.  Defining Workflow Properties
  2.  Adding Workflow Activities
  3.  Publishing the Workflow