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Service Now - Catalog Client Scripts

Service Now - Catalog Client Scripts

Client-side scripts can add dynamic effects and validation to forms. Scripts can apply to service catalog items or variable sets, allowing administrators to use the same functionality that is available on other forms.

You can use client side scripts to:
 Get or set variable values.
 Hide or display variables.
 Make variables mandatory or not.
 Validate form submission.

Catalog client scripts are very similar to standard client scripts, with these important differences:

Instead of selecting a table such as Incident for the script, select a catalog item or variable set. As your system may have a large number of catalog items, you should select a catalog item or variable set using a reference field instead of the choice list that the standard Client Script form uses.

When using an onChange() catalog client script, it is linked to a particular variable instead of a field. The system automatically populates the variable name selection list with any named variables from the catalog item or variable set selected.