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Maximo IFACE Table Integration - OUTBOUND

Maximo IFACE Table Integration - OUTBOUND

Step1 :Object structure creation

Create object structure with name ‘ASSETOBJECT’


Step 2: Publish channel creation 

Create publish channel ‘ASSETPUBLISH’ and  define  ifacename as ‘ASSETOBJECT’ in the Ifacetable column and then select the enter the object structure in object structure field as created in step 1.

And next enable Event Listener and message tracking

We can use process rules sub tab to define any condition to be checked when an out bound is to be processed .
In the below rule we are defining a condition that the asset status only with OPERATING should be processed out .

Step 3:End Point Creation

In the end point application select HANDLER as IFACETABLE.
And enter the URL,DRIVER,USERNAME,PASSWORD, ISREMOTE of the data base .
ISREMOTE is a Boolean field ISREMOTE=0 if Database is in the same system an 1 if the database is in another system.

Step4:Creating External system:

In the external system create new external system as ‘ASSETEXTERNAL’ , and select the end point defined in step 4 and check the Enabled? Check box

In Publish Channel tab select the defined Publish Channel and enable it .
From Select Action menu select Create Create iface table action then I face tables defined in the above publish channel will be displayed

Then press create button to create these tables in defined end point database
Then IFACE tables creation completed message will be displayed.
Then when ever u make any changes to the asset table with status as operation .those details will be displayed in the created iface table.