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Maximo IFACE table Integration - Inbound

Maximo IFACE table Integration  - Inbound

We use Publish channel for out bound and enterprise channel for inbound of data.

In enterprise service create a enterprise service with name asset external.And enter the object structure and ifacetablename .

And in the above created external system ‘asset external’ .
In enterprise service tab enter the above created enterprise service asset ‘assetexternal’

Enable it and create ifacetable from select action menu.
For out bound whenever u make any changes to the asset table with status as operation .those details will be displayed in the created iface table.

but for inbound of data a crontask named IFACECONSUMER crontask is used .

In the above crontask enter the endpoint, enterprise service, external system used for ur integration
And in crontask instance enter a cron task instance name and schedule the time as 3seconds and make it active and save the cron task 

Tables used in integration using ifacetables
 mxin_inter_trans  mxout_inter_trans

Whenever u do out bound table effected  is  mxout_inter_trans
And while in bound mxin_inter_trans.

While out bound, data related to each out bound transfer is displayed in MXOUT_INTER_TRANS

Like action, enterprise, service name ,iface name ,transid etc

while inbound, we need to enter the action ,iface name ,transid, external system name and trans language in MXIN_INTER_TRANS table .
And the cron task checks the MXIN_INTER_TRANS  for data,  if any data is present based on transid it will  check the iface table related to external system with the same transid and then send the data with particular transid  to maximo.
After successful inbound data in MX_INTER_TRANS will be disappears.
And if any error occurs while in bound in will remain in the table.