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Maximo 7.6 feature to display graphically your asset facilities - Asset Topology

Maximo 7.6 feature to display graphically your asset facilities

How to set your own tab topology.The following steps to setup your own tab "TOPOLOGY"

1. Navigate to maximo app of "Security Groups" from Go To -> Security

2. Search for the Security Group 'MAXADMIN'

3. Open the  "MAXADMIN" group.

4. Click "Applications" tab, Click "Assets" in the action section.

5. Click "Filter" in the bottom section, input "topology" in the Description filter box, there will be a sig option called "Topology Viewer Presentation" , check this sig option and save.

6. Repeat Step 5, for another sig option called "Relationship Tab".

7. Logout maximo and login back again, navigate into any asset, make sure no other users are logged in at the same time. You should see "Topology" tab.

8. Click the topology tab, you should see the canvas is showing up with all the related assets in the canvas. There is only one standalone asset if the asset has no pre-user-defined relationship with other assets. If there is java reminder to install/run jre plugin, just go ahead and install/run it.