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How to unlock maximo oracle users password blocked or expired.

Unlock System ,sys and Maximo database users in Oracle 

Unlock Oracle database users password for System, sys and Maximo expired or blocked.

1. Connect to the SQL PLUS without credentials as sysdba
     1.1 Open Command Prompt and type the below command
           C:\sqlplus /nolog
     1.2 Connect to the SQL with sysdba
           SQL>connect /as sysdba
           Note:we will see message Connected.

2. Find the Locked and Password expired users by run the below query.
    SQL>select username,account_status from dba_users where account_status like '%LOCK%';

3.Unlock the user
    SQL Sytax: alter user <username> account unlock;
    SQL>alter user maximo account unlock;
    SQL>alter user system account unlock;
    SQL>alter user sys account unlock;

4. Change the password for user
    SQL Syntax :alter user <username>identified by <new password>;
    SQL>alter user maximo identified by maximo
    SQL>alter user system identified by system
    SQL>alter user sys identified by sysadm