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Service Now Reporting

Service Now Reporting

Service Now reports can be lists, charts, or calendar-based views of data in a particular table. The Service Now system also offers a range of predefined reports that pertain to applications and features like incident management and service catalog requests. If none of the predefined reports meet your needs, you can create your own reports. Use reports on homepages to display key information to different users. You can also publish reports to a URL that can be emailed. 

In Service Now reporting, you can control the following aspects of reports: 
  • Report Visibility
  • Report Types
  • Report Generation
  • Report Output formats
You can generate Service Now reports manually or according to a schedule.

Report Visibility

You can control who sees reports by making them:
  • Globally visible to all users. 
  • Visible only to the report creator. 
  • Visible to one or more specific users. 
  • Visible to one or more specific groups. 
Report visibility controls which users can access individual reports.

ACLs control access to the underlying table data. List reports require the reporting user to satisfy ACLs on the target table to view records in the list. Users without sufficient permissions may see filtered list reports. 

Report Types

You can generate the following types of reports, organized by category:
  • Time Series Chart
  • Line
  • Column (Fuji release)
  • Area (Fuji release)
  • Spline (Fuji release)
Column and Bar charts
  • Bar
  • Pareto
  • Histogram
Pie and Donuts
  • Pie
  • Donut (Fuji Release)
  • Semi-donut (Fuji Release)
  • Speedometer (Fuji Release)
  • Dial (Fuji Release)

Report Generation

You can generate a report manually at any time. These on-demand reports are useful for capturing information at the moment, such as the number of incidents assigned to you right now.

You can also schedule reports to generate on a regular basis.
The charting engine you use depends on the version of the Service Now platform you are running. 

Report Output Formats

You can publish reports in the following output formats. You can schedule all of these reports for regular export.