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Career options in Web Designing

Career options in Web Designing

If you’re going to do a web design course and has a thought become a professional web designer then there are many things to consider. If the candidate has taken a decision to go freelance or work from home as a web developer then they have to manage their finances and their business.Getting a job is a little bit tough, regardless the field you are in.

What is web design?
If an individual wishes to create and design their own websites, then web designing is the best one to suggest. The main role of the web developer is they should create web based applications and web pages. During the end of the 20thcentury there are a number of websites that grew up at an exponential rate and today there are 100’s of millions of websites. The Web designer is the one that creates and organizes the web pages that make up a perfect web site.

Educational requirements:
The candidate should have hands-on experience on the programming languages to be a perfect web designer or web developer. The Fundamental programming skills include in the training program like JavaScript, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) are the key requirements for a successful web developer.
The programming skills required for the back-end web development positions include SQL, XML and PHP. The Multimedia Design and the Scripting skills in the most popular platforms like Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash are also marketable.
In addition to the above requirements the web developers might have concentrated on their interests like mobile media development, Flash animation, interactive media or graphics design.   

Required skills and Responsibilities:
The skills and responsibilities of the web developer include:
Ø  The scripting languages like JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
Ø  Server side programming languages like .Net, PHP and Java.
Ø  Should use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to develop web pages that rank high in the search engines like Bing, Google etc.
Ø  In order to control the style of the multiple web pages in the web site the candidate need to implement CSS.
Ø  Should develop websites that interact with the famous database systems like Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.
Ø  Communicate with the colleagues and clients to troubleshoot the web pages and optimizes its performance.

Training and Degrees:
Many schools offer individual courses from online degree and campus programs. The degrees in web designing like:
·        B.S Web Design and Development.
·        A.S Web Design and Interactive Media.
·        BIT Software Analysis and Development
·        A.S Web Design and Development
·        B.S.I.T Multimedia and Visual Communication

The web developer certifications include:
Ø  Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)
Ø  Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)
Ø  .NET Framework 4, Web Applications (MCTS)
Ø  CIW JavaScript Specialist
Ø  CIW Web Design Specialist
Ø  CIW Web Foundations Associate
Ø  CIW Web Development Professional

Job prospects:
When the candidate has been specialized web development training and have experienced on a  variety of software and web application development job roles include:

·        Web Developer
·        Software Engineer
·        Java Developer
·        PHP Programmer
·        .NET Developer
·        Objective C Developer
·        C# Developer
·        Businesses and Hiring Managers