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Career options in Information Technology

Career options in Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is a wide term that incorporates all parts of overseeing and preparing Information and related advances. Information Technology experts are in charge of outlining, creating, supporting and overseeing PC equipment, PC programming, and data systems, including the Internet. The realworld uses of Information Technologies can be discovered all around. Truth be told, IT is likely as of now a piece of your life in ways you may not even be mindful. Information Technology (IT) is an expansive field that envelops numerous professions, including PC programming, specialized backing and frameworks investigation. While instructive necessities change as per vocation destinations, most employments in Information Technology require at any rate a four year certification.

Personal qualities and Skills:
One ought to have the following personal qualities if any one wishes to enter the Information Technology (IT) field:
1.      Willingness and Flexibility to learn the latest technologies & new things and adopt new approaches of work
2.      Think logically
3.      Creativeness
4.      Ability to concentrate and focus
5.      Accurateness
6.      Administrative and Organizational abilities
7.      Self-confidence
8.      Ability to work hard and ready to work for long hours
9.      High intellectual capacity
10. Ability to take decisions
11. Ability to get communicate with people and good communication skills
12. Academic and technical skills

Career options:
The level of anxiety can be high in specific positions in the IT field, primarily due to the anxiety of meeting objectives with tight spending plans and short deadlines.Some of the publicizing profession alternatives are as given beneath:
Ø  Software Sales
Ø  Webmaster
Ø  Web Developer
Ø  Web Designer
Ø  Video Game Design
Ø  Graphic Design
Ø  Gaming
Ø  Computer Programmer
Ø  Computer Technician
Ø  Database Administrator
Ø  System Administrator
Ø  Game Programming
Ø  Hardware
Ø  IT Consultant
Ø  IT Training
Ø  Multi-media
Ø  Networking
Ø  Programmer
Ø  SEO Careers
Ø  Software Testing
Ø  Advertisement
Ø  Systems Analyst
Ø  Video Game Tester
Ø  Software Engineer
Ø  Hardware Engineer
Ø  Network Administrator
Ø  Software Architect
Ø  Application Developer
Ø  Applications Architect
Ø  IT Security Manager
Ø  Java Programmer
Ø  Project Manager
Ø  Software Information Analyst
Ø  Systems Engineer
Ø  Computer Engineering
Ø  Computer Operator
Ø  Data Analyst
Ø  Desktop Support Engineer
Ø  Enterprise Architect
Ø  Fresher Software
Ø  IT Director
Ø  IT Support Technician
Ø  Software Engineering
Ø  Software Programmer
Ø  Scientists (CS/IT)
Ø  Teachers at school level
Ø  Professors / Associate Prof / Assistant Professor at a higher level.

Career Prospects:
Information Technology stream offers a considerable measure of openings for work for the graduates. IT Service supplier based organizations concerned with the equipment / programming improvement, application and its trying utilize IT experts. A portion of the top organizations utilize IT Engineers, for example, Xilinx India, Insilica Semiconductors, Analog Devices India, Boeing, Siemens, Alcatel, Robert Bosch, BEL, Cypress Semiconductor Tech. Ltd, National Instruments, Cisco Systems, ASUS, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Accenture, VSNL, Vodafone, Hutchison, BSNL, Airtel, Sasken Communications, Tata Elixi, Unisys and Qualcomm. There are additionally heaps of openings for work accessible in India and abroad.