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Career Option in Horticulture

Career Option in Horticulture

Horticulture is a branch of agriculture which deals with the technology, art, science and the business of plant cultivation. It includes landscape restoration, plant conservation, garden and lanscape design, construction and maintenance with the management of plants and arboriculture. It also includes the cultivation of seaweeds, flowers, algae, mushrooms, sprouts, herbs,  seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits and the non-food crops like ornamental trees and grass and plants.

Careers in Horticulture:
Some of the possible ways that may exist for professional activities after the graduation include:
1.       Pest Management:Individuals who works with agricultural agents, large farm organizations, processing corporations,agricultural suppliers and state & federal regulatory agencies.
2.       Communications:Individuals who are writing for garden and farm magazines, television, news papers and radio can be a gratifying field for women and men trained in horticulture. 
3.       Landscape Design:Landscape design has been a part of the horticulture to create gardens with the combinations of the hardscapes and plant material.
4.       Landscape management and construction:Installation of commercial and residential landscape projects termed as a landscape contractor. It has come up with the interpretation of blueprints, installation of hardscapes and plant material, sales, bidding and estimating.
5.       Inspection:Being an inspector of the fresh vegetables and fruits for the private or government agencies. It helps to maintain the uniformity and high level of quality in industry.
6.       Industry support:Individual can offer support as a consultant or as a researcher, working with the development, sales or technical services.

Necessities to enter the field of Horticulture:
·         Patience
·         Interest in Bioscience
·         Keen enthusiasm for scholastic
·         Sense of style
·         Ability to put in extend periods of time and in differing climatic conditions
·         Perseverance
·         Knowledge of occasional plants, nearby plants, soil, and so on.

You will in any event require a 4 years' degree course in Horticulture, which is offered at all the Agricultural Universities in India. One can likewise enter the field with a degree in Agricultural Science or a M.Sc. in Agricultural Science. M.Sc. in Horticulture is another course to enter this field.

You would start with Rs 6, 000-8, 000 every month in a homestead. With experience it would develop to Rs 12,000-20, 000 or more every month.

Career Prospects:
Horticulture is no more a restful job and is quick accepting the status of a lively business wander. The yearly interest for blossoms in the local business keeps on growing.

The demand in the global business sector for Indian blossoms is becoming as well. Hence the prospects for cultivation experts are to a great degree brilliant.

Technological headways in this field have laid extraordinary emphasis on enhancing consistent mixtures of leafy foods like vegetables and fruits for handling purposes, making fascinating species for embellishing and business purposes and mass scale increase of species for expanded profitability. In this way, the interest for Horticulturists is developing.