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How to Login to Maximo using email address instead of UID when using AD

Login to Maximo using email address instead of UID

1. Login to the WebSphere Console.
2. Expand Security in the left hand frame .
3.Click on Global Security. From the Global Security page choose Federated Repository as your       available realm definitions and click configure.
4. Click Repository identifier to configure
     Edit login properties -> mail;uid
5. Apply and save changes.
6. Login to the maximo application to edit the cron task to synchronize the users.
7. Go to Systems Configuration Platform Configuration, Cron Task Setup Select VMMSync and         enter the value as shown
     For UserMapping
    <column name="LOGINID" type="ALN">mail</column>
8. Save the changes.
9. We have not restarted WebSphere application so we need to Restart the WAS to sync users.
10. Go to System administration – Nodes
11. Check the ctgNode01 and click on Full Resynchronize

Once the synchronization is complete, reboot your application server this will recycle the Deployment Manager, Node agents, and the application servers.