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TADDM Architecture

TADDM Architecture

IBM Common Data Model (CDM):

A data model is a conceptual representation of the structure of the data stored in the database.
In terms defined by the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL), the data structure consists of the contents of the data objects, or Configuration Items (CIs), the associations between data objects, and other possible rules to constrain the operations of the data objects.
Without a reference data model, implementation is dependent on expensive, time-consuming, incomplete and error-prone manual modeling.
The TADDM database data model is based on the Common Data Model (also referred to as the CDM) which is an information model that can integrate data between Tivoli Management Products.

The CDM includes a wide variety of object types which includes
  1.  Software components (Web, application, and database servers).
  2.  Hosts and operating systems.
  3.  Network elements (routers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, and storage).
  4.  Network services (LDAP, NFS, and DNS). The CDM is easily extensible based on client-specific needs.
The model representation for each component type includes
  1.  Signature
  2.  Configurations
  3.  Dependencies
  4.  Containment dependencies
  5.  Service dependencies

Agent free discovery engine
The discovery engine organizes and manages the discovery process. The engine instructs the discovery sensors, which are server-based components that use the knowledge that is built in the reference model to interrogate the data center components and gather the necessary information to build the application maps database.

Topology manager and builder
Upon completion of the discovery process, the topology manager consolidates the discovered data and generates a cross-tier topological representation of the application.
The application topology includes its underlying infrastructure components (software, systems, and network components), and their associated configurations and cross-tier dependencies.

TADDM database (CMDB)
The TADDM database is a cross-tier representation of the application topology, its components, and their configurations. The database also tracks and documents all configuration changes. The database is optimized for both read and write access and supports extensive query capabilities.

TADDM's open and published API interfaces easily with third-party ecosystem applications. The TADDM API provides authenticated and secure access to the underlying TADDM database, through the Data API, and the TADDM process engines, through the Control API. TADDM also provides an event API to import and export events to other management applications.

Discovery library adapter
The discovery library adapter provides an open standards-based interface to integrate data from older data stores into the TADDM database.