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What are the Differences between the applications Escalations, Automation Scripts and Conditional Expression Manager in Maximo 7.5.x and 7.6.x ?

Differences between the Escalations, Automation Scripts and Conditional Expression Manager Applications in Maximo


Escalations in Maximo are cron tasks.A cron task is a scheduled job task performing a specific number of times based on the schedule and is somewhat automated, so without any user intervention or interaction involved.

Escalations application is used to automatically monitor whatever processes we like to monitor in your business.You can create an escalation yourself, however also customize a predefined escalation, so whatever the business requires you can handle.With the escalation, you can choose to trigger any predefined action or create a custom action with custom Java programming.

To trigger an escalation, you first have to query for records and the escalation can then possibly trigger your action for one or more records.

   Runs on a schedule
   Runs without user intervention/interaction
   Triggers an action for 1 record or a set of records.

Automation Scripts:

This is the most recent way to customize Maximo and the most powerful of the three.

In the Automation Scripts application, you create a script that automates tasks based on the events or attributes of a business object, or based on actions or custom conditions.You can create a script in any of several supported scripting languages, and execute the script without having to recompile Java files or restart the server.Programming knowledge is required to use the Automation Script and requires a good level of understanding of the Maximo Business Object's (MBO) development to get the full use of this application.

You can use Automation Scripting for almost anything, e.g. trigger an action based on a MBO attribute or action as well as on a MIF Integration and so forth.

  Runs based on the events or attributes of a single business object
  Most versatile option, however does require in-depth programming knowledge

Conditional Expression Manager:

This application is again pretty similar to the other two applications, however this application is more focused on the UI or Maximo screens themselves.

This application is a library of conditional classes and expressions, whereby you can apply the set up conditions to fields, tabs and other UI controls in order to control the presentation.The set up conditions can also be applied to any security group in order to manage various applications' accesses, data and controls.You can show and hide various parts of application screens, modify colors and so forth and do this on both a screen or apply it to a security group.You can manipulate or change anything on the UI level itself.

The Conditional Expression Manager is used only for UI and not for any levels below the UI.