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Change the default attribute used in the Find search field of the application

That should be a problem when developing custom applications or even when using a cloned application.

The following is the step by step that you follow to change the default attribute.

1. Go to Application Designer;
2. Export the XML file from the application;
3. Do a back up of the current file and open it in a text editor;
4. In the presentation tag, add the property 'keyattribute' and set the field that you need.

Example: Changing the default attribute in the Asset application from ASSETNUM to ASSETID:

<presentation keyattribute="assetid" beanclass="psdi.webclient.beans.asset.AssetAppBean" id="asset" mboname="ASSET" resultstableid="results_showlist" version="">

 Note that keyattribute is pointing to "assetid".

5. Save the new XML and import to Maximo.