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Start Center Components - IBM Maximo (SCCD) for Beginners

Start Center Components

A Start Center consists of one narrow column and one wide column. Each column can be configured to display one or more portlets that creates a specific Start Center to support a particular job function. Below are the common portlets:
  • Bulletin Board – Messages in the bulletin board are displayed here.
  • Favorite Applications – Displays links that can launch specific Maximo applications.
  • Inbox/Assignments – Routed records that require action or attention such as review or approval can be found here.
  • KPI Graph – Displays one or more Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • KPI List - Displays a list of links to one or more Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports located in the KPI Manager application.
  • Quick Insert – Link that will allow you to launch an application immediately and add new record, for Example create new database.
  • Result Set – Displays the result set from a saved query.