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MBO(Maximo Business Objects) Basics Part 6 - Using MboSetRemote and MboSet

Using MboSetRemote and MboSet

        Get instance of MXServer,             MXServer s = MXServer.getMXServer();
        Access a collection, Ex. CI            MboSetRemote ciset = s.getMboSet(“CI”);
        Access a member of the set          MboRemote ci = ciset.moveFirst();
        To access a specific Mbo,           MboRemote ci = ciset.getMbo(n);
        To move current index use,           moveNext(), moveLast()
        The getMboSet(…) method finds the object with all its attributes and create an instance of the MboSet
        The moveFirst() method fetches the records from the DB using JDBC connection
        The getMbo(n) retrieves the a mbo at nth position in the set
        The moveNext() returns the next Mbo, moveLast() returns the last Mbo