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MBO(Maximo Business Objects) Basics Part 13 - Some Useful Methods

MBO Useful Methods

        Use defensive programming technique after MboSet is retrieved
               MboSetRemote ciSet = mxServer.getMboSet(“CI”);
                   If (ciSet.isEmpty()) { …. }
        Use getThisMboSet() to retrieve the parent MboSet
                MboSetRemote  ciParentSet = ci.getThisMboSet();
        New Mbos are added to MboSet
       To add at the start :                        ciSet.add();
       To add at the end:                           ciSet.addAtEnd();
       To add at a specific position:        ciSet.add(n)
       To delete/remove Mbo from the MboSet in the memory
       To make permanent changes in the database use save() method on MboSet. Save() method performs following activities
       Adds all new Mbos
       Updates all modified Mbos
       Deletes all the deleted Mbos
       Performs DB commit