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How does the Live Refresh option in Maximo's System Properties work?

Live Refresh option in Maximo's System Properties

There are various properties managed in the System Properties application.

Some of these properties do allow a live refresh (Ex: mxe.db. fetchResultStopLimit) and other properties do not (Ex: mxe.db.url).

If a property does not allow live refresh, then its flag will be appropriately set and the live refresh is not allowed.

If a property allows live refresh then it is fine to go ahead with live refresh.

The impact of the property change depends on what the property is doing.

To use the mxe.db.fetchResultStopLimit in the below screen printed example, this property does allow live refresh, so if you change the value and apply live refresh, then the new value takes effect immediately.

Using this property in the below example, if the user was initially restricting to 5000 records in one MBO set, now the new value 7000 will restrict to 7000 records in a single MBO set and will take effect as soon as the change has been saved.