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Making the attachment link hidden only when SR's status are RESOLVED

Make Attachment link hidden when SR's status are RESOLVED

1. Go to Conditional Expression Manager
2. Create a new condition called i.e HIDEDOC

   Type = Expression
   Expression = :status <> 'RESOLVED'

3. Save changes
4. Go To App Designer -> SR -> Select Action -> Add modify/Action Sig options -> Create a new one called i.e HIDEDOC with description : Hide attachment when status = RESOLVED.
5. Go to Security Group -> Bring up the correct group i.e. MAXADMIN, click on Application tab-> SERVICE REQUEST - > Grant Access to Hide attachment when status = RESOLVED.
6. Go To App Designer -> SR -> highlight the whole Attachments section -> click on Control Properties -> 
   Sig-option = HIDEDOC -> Click on Configure Conditional Properties
  Security Group = EVERYONE
  Conditions for Security Group = HIDEDOC
  Property values for Condition = Property = Hidelabel - Value = attachment 

Now go to SR app and bring up status with RESOLVED, you will see the attachment link will be ONLY hidden for resolved SR records and not for other status records.