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How in Maximo 7 can you define GL components on SITE level?

Define GL components on SITE level

You can limit down more to site level by creating/modifying the security group so that only particular GL Components are accessible for a particular user.

Steps to do this are as follows:

1. Create or edit a security group so that only your desired few GL Components are authorized.
2. Insert/check that all users ,who should have access ,are included in this group.
3. Check that all sites that should be available for this group are in the "Sites" tab
4. Make sure the "Authorize Group for All Sites" option is unchecked
4. Make sure that under the "GL Components" tab the Authorize Group with the option "Change
   All GL Component Types?" is unchecked and only the components that should be available are checked
5. Test by creating a PR or a PO.

Now you should be able to specify only the GL Components for which the user is authorized.