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How do you restrict the records a user can access in the SR application by site.

 Restrict the records a user can access in the SR application by site

1. Login into Maximo as MAXADMIN 
2. Go To Administration -> Conditional Expression Manager --> create a new expression : SITEID = 'BEDFORD' 
3. Go to Security Group----> BEDFORDSITE 
4. Click on Sites tab and make sure that BEDFORD site is listed there 
5. Click on Data Restrictions tab 
6. Click on NEW ROW from Object Restrictions tab 

Application = SR 
CONDITION = The expression that we created on step 2 

7. SAVE the changes made 
8. Click on user tab and make sure that the user you want to restrict belongs to the BEDFORDSITE group, if not associate him to the group by adding a NEW ROW.
9. Click on Application tab and filter it down to SERVICE REQUEST 
10. Give grant access to all options including Sig-options
11. Save the changes you made .
12. Go to the SR app and press ENTER which brings up all records, you will see there are 126 records against all sites when logged in as MAXADMIN user. 
13. Now sign out and sign back into Maximo as your restricted user from the steps above. 
14. Go to the SR app and press ENTER, Maximo will only show 50 SR's records. Only records for the 'BEDFORD' site will display.