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Import classifications in Maximo 7.x

Import classifications in Maximo 7.x

While importing classifications in Maximo 7.1 version, I was facing many problems like class structure is blank and hierarchical problems.

Firstly, my requirement is to load classifications with given hard coded class structure id rather than auto generated integer number.

Secondly, need to import parent and child hierarchical structure.

1.Duplicate MXCLASSIFICATION Object Structure and name it as per your requirement, remove the inbound processing class.
2.In ‘Restrict Attributes’ menu option, In the Source Object List, select CLASSSTRUCTURE
3.Unchecked Restrict check box and check Override check box for below fields:
4.Select Action > Exclude / Include Fields
5.In the Source Object List, select CLASSSTRUCTURE
6.In the Persistent Fields sub-tab, look for HAS CHILDREN and UNCHECKED the EXCLUDE   check box. This will include the field in the schema.