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Hide the Linear Segment Details section from SR Main tab.

Hide section from SR Main tab

1. Click on Go To->System Configuration->Platform Configuration->Application Designer.
2. Search for the SR application and open
3. From Select Action menu select Add/Modify Signature Options.
4. Search for WMLINEAR Sig option.
5. Checked the visible? check box of WMLINEAR signature.
6. Click OK and Save.
7. Click Go To->Security->Security Groups
8. Search for MAXADMIN Security Group and open.
9. Click on Applications Tab, Search for the Service Requests Application.
10. Search the Linear Work Management.
11. Open the Linear Work Management Properties.
12. Unchecked the Grant Access?
13. Click Save.
14. Click Go To->Security->Security Groups
15. Search for EVERYONE Security Group and open.
16. Follow the same steps from 9 to13.
17. Log out and Login.