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TADDM 7.2.2 Fix Pack 2 has been released!

TADDM 7.2.2 Fix Pack 2 has been released!

New Features;
There are quite a few new features in this Fix Pack so you may want to download it and give it a try, here is a list from the fix pack readme for quick reference;

NetApp Sensor
Two new storage-related sensors have been added to TADDM 7.2.2 FP2. The NetApp Sensor discovers network-attached storage (NAS) resources, and the Snap Drive sensor discovers storage resources that are related to NetApp SnapDrive software for Windows.

HP BladeSystem Snmp Sensor
The new HP BladeSystem SNMP sensor discovers and collects configuration information about the HP BladeSystem chassis.

VMware ESXi computer system sensor
The TADDM VMware ESX sensor (VmwareESXiComputerSystemSensor) now supports vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi5), which has improved discovery performance.

DataPower sensor
The new DataPower sensor discovers IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances, which support the SOAP Configuration Management interface.

7Brocade manufacturer Id & support for LLDP protocol
The new Link Layer Discovery Protocol sensor (LldpSensor) uses the LLDP MIB to discover Layer 2 segments on the network.

BIG-IP (F5) discover serial numbers
The BIG-IP SNMP sensor (BigIPSnmpSensor) now supports the discovery of serial numbers of BIG-IP devices that support sysGeneralChassisSerialNum

Updated 'Sensors and supported target systems' list
Sybase sensor: Sybase ASE 16 is now supported on Windows 2008 R2.
VMware Virtual Center server sensor: VMware vCenter Server Appliance 5.0, 5.1 and 5.5 are supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.
IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center sensor: Tivoli Storage Productivity Center is now supported.

Change to a property

You can now append the IP address or the name of the scope to the property.

Access list entries and location tagging

When location tagging has been enabled, you can now create access list entries with a location tag assigned.

Known Issues:

The Fix Pack is still new, so I do not have a lot to report yet from the field, but so far so good, we have a few early adopters and no major functional issues have been reported. There have only been two primary schema upgrade issues which have only impacted a small group of customers;

1) For DB2 9.7 users, especially older fix packs 4 and 5, we have had issues with the DB2 function "VARCHAR_BIT_FORMAT" missing. This caused the primary schema upgrade to fail with;
CTJOT0059E The SQL procedure cannot be run: CALL "MIG_EXECUTE_OPERATION"
(?, ?, ?, ?). Exception: DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-440, SQLSTATE=42884,  

This function should exist in DB2 9.7 fix pack 4, but you can run this SQL to test for it against the TADDM DB;
select VARCHAR_BIT_FORMAT(GUID_X) from COMPSYS where TYPE_X='DataPower'
If you get a "SQLCODE=-440" running this work with your DBA or DB2 support to determine why the function is missing.  If necessary, open a PMR with TADDM, if you do not have Data Power configured in TADDM prior to this fix pack we can walk you thru skipping these steps.

2) One customer whose is using Oracle for his TADDM database needed to increase his TEMP size to 23G to complete the primary schema upgrade.  They only had this issue in one of two environments, and we do not know the root cause as they were unwilling to pursue it from the database end, but given it only happened in one of two environments, we believe the issue may be specific to their environment.  I am just mentioning it in case you have Oracle, you would be aware of it and perhaps have a DBA available during the upgrade in the off chance you have temp space issues.