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How to retrieve password of WAS Administrative Console?

Retrieve password of WAS Administrative Console

Disabling the Security

There are 2 possible methods for disabling security:

By way of wsadmin command:

1. <WAS_INSTALL_DIR>/bin/> wsadmin -conntype NONE
2. wsadmin> securityoff
3. wsadmin> exit
4. Restart the servers.
5. Enable the security from administrative console.
6. Restart the servers.

By way of manual edit of security.xml file:
1. Create a copy for security.xml file, in case you need to roll back.
2. Disable the security from the security.xml file (change the very first occurrence of... enabled="true" to enabled="false")
3. Restart the servers.
4. Enable the security from administrative console.
5. Restart the servers.

Use Decoder to find the password

1.Go to directory profiles/profie_name/config/cells .
2.Open file security.xml.
3.Look for tag userRegistry
4.Find the encrypted password for respective user
5. Enter the encrypted value to URL :
This will decript the password for WAS admin console.