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How to make visible edit portlet for user if it is not visible?

Make visible edit portlet for user if it is not visible

1.Please find for which user edit portlet icon not visible.
2.Login to the Maximo with maxadmin username and password.
3.Go To->Security Groups->Users application
4.Search the user not able to see the edit portlet.
5.Click on the user and click on  groups tab.
6.Take the group names MAXEVERYONE, MAXMYGROUP,etc associated to user
7.Go To->Security Groups->Security Groups application
8.Search the MAXEVERYONE security
9.Open the security group,
10.Click on Applications tab and search “Result Set Setup”
11.Here Please check the Grant Access check box  for “Read/Modify access to Result set Setup.
12.   Please uncheck the check the check box if it is checked.(Note: If we check the check box that edit portlet icon not visible in start center).
13.Repeat steps from 8-12 for all other Security Groups associated to user.