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Collection of Maximo 7.5 Performance Technotes

Collection of Maximo 7.5 Performance Technotes

Here is a collection of performance related recordings and tech notes that might help:

SCCD 7.5.1 Performance Education Session

Correcting Slow User Queries

Maximo Performance Best Practices

Best Practices for System Performanc​e 7.5

JVM Separation Process

Out Of Memory errors on the systemout.log

Database Connection leak

Using System Instance Properties to Control Cron Tasks

Parameters to improve Maximo performance using WebSphere

Stopping Data from Auto-populating List Tab

Configuring Autofill Properties

WebSphere 7.0 fixpack 27 or higher with Java SDK 1.6.0 SR12 Cumulative Fix

Understanding Memory Requirements For 32 And 64 Bit Systems

Understanding Search Methodologies

More performance technotes:

Maximo Performance on SQL Server - Turning off Page Locking

Maximo 7.5 on SQL Server out of memory and performance problems

create indexes and  increase some parameter on database end like       
Increase SGA size to 2560 MB                                          
Increase Session Cached Cursor 150                                    
Increase PGA Size 512MB