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Explain about Maximo Workflow nodes?

 Maximo Workflow nodes

1. Wait Node
-Indicates that a record’s progress through a process should pause until a required condition is met.
-No Assignment is made when a record enters a wait node
2. Interaction Node
-Redirect the user to another application or screen with the same application
-Display an application tab with instructions for adding or modifying data,Or to perform a particular    application action
-Automatically trigger an action from the toolbar or select action menu
-Automatically trigger a process, for example, another workflow process
3. Task node
-Inbox assignment with Positive or Negative Result
4. Condition node
-System evaluates a condition with a binary True or False result and then routes the record accordingly)
5. Manual Input node
-Prompts the user with multiple
-Options and then routes the record accordingly
6. Sub process node
-Launch another workflow process within this process
7. Start

8. Stop