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Maximo Important Questions

Maximo Important Questions

1.       Which action can be taken when creating a service item?
              Assign a Commodity Group and code

2.       Which Maximo properties are read first when the Maximo Server is started?
             Those defined in the

3.       A Preventive Maintenance (PM) alert is generated for either meter-based PMs or time-based PMs. On which tab can the alert lead be found in the Preventive Maintenance application?

4.       What is the purpose of a Condition Rate?
              To assign relative values to inventory items

5.       Where are Roles used?
             Part of a communication template, escalation, service level agreement, or Workflow

6.       When transferring an item or tool across organizations, an internal purchase order must be in place. What must be the same across the organizations?
             Item Set

7.       Which two steps are required to set the preferred vendor for any stocked tool?
             Assign a vendor, Enable the default vendor check box

8.       Which property allows IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 to use Application Server Security?

9.       When should the Maximo Application Server be stopped?
             When deploying a patch

10.   Which application associates failure hierarchies to Assets?