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How to delete million records from DPASOFTWARE table using MIF?

Delete records using MIF

By using Enterprise Services, it will give you the freedom to process the data synchronously or asynchronously (using a JMS queue).

For Enterprise Web Service Steps:

1. Create a Object Structure, say 'OBJECT1' with parent object as 'DPASOFTWARE' and add the child objects based on the parent child relationship.
2. Create new Enterprise Service, say 'ES1' with Operation='delete' and object structure as 'OBJECT1' 
3. Enable the Message Tracking from the select action menu if you want to track the processed records. 
4. Register this Enterprise Service in the External System(SYS1),enable the External System. 
5. Go to Web services library, create web service from enterprise web service, your web service name will      be like SYS1_ES1 
6. Check if your web service is running, http://hostname:port/meaweb/es/extsysname/enterprise service name     you will get the message like: servlet is running. Please use HTTP POST to post data.
7. Now in the client application add a reference to web service, you can try that with Soap Ui tool for testing.