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Explain Outbound and Inbound email integration in TSRM?

 Outbound and Inbound email integration in TSRM

Two types of integration have been configured:

Outbound email – This allows TSRM to send various notifications via email
Inbound email- This allows TSRM to automatically process inbound email to generate or query tickets for the reported problems

Outbound email integration- TSRM uses SMTP for sending out emails.

The configuration element for this is mentioned below:
The System Property controls which smtp server TSRM uses for sending out mail. This is currently set to (IP) which is a Domino server running SMTP service.

Troubleshooting tips- Points to check for troubleshooting email delivery
Check that the firewall ports are opened between TSRM and the SMTP server. The port used by SMTP is 25. This check can be performed by trying to telent to the smtp server on port 25 from both the WAS servers (IP)
Check the communication logs for the record in question to ensure that a mail was actually sent from TSRM.
Inbound email integration – TSRM can process inbound emails and automatically create or update tickets with the details. Notes application has been provided to end users to enable them to create, update and query tickets with ease. This application generates an XML and sends it via email to TSRM. Based on the OLM id of the user, the mail is sent to one of 3 email ids, or . TSRM polls the mail boxes of these 3 ids periodically and processes the mails to create or query tickets. The details of the configuration are provided below
Notes Application: A notes application is provided to users to create or query tickets in TSRM as shown. It can be used to query or create.