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Explain Maximo Integration Framework?

 Maximo Integration Framework

Integration Framework allows you to integrate Maximo with other tools. It reduce your manual efforts. Integration is used for many ways they are as follows:

1. To create the thousands of classification in Maximo in one time only.
2. To upload IN and SR in tool in just one click.
3. To create multiple user ids in Maximo.
4. To create the automatic tickets in Maximo on receiving the alerts or any message, for which we     integrated Maximo with Net cool.
5. We can integrate Maximo with Tivoli Directory Server by using Tivoli Directory Integrator, by creating assembly line in TDI.

Various Integration framework components are as follows:
  • Object structures
  • Services
  • Channels
  • External systems
  • Endpoint
  • Events
  • Web services
  • Content